Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warrior Angel: Heart's Desire by Ryssa Edwards

Warrior Angel, Heart's DesireMichael is the archangel of war, Banished to Earth. In the last year of his Banishment, he falls in love with Laine. But hour by hour, they're ripped apart by forces they can't control, because when Michael's Banishment is over, he'll lose Laine forever. They're given one chance. Laine must risk his life. Michael must risk his wings. What is love on the other side of forever worth?

After reading this story twice, I am still at a loss as to what Michael finds so enchanting about Laine. The human seems to be little more than a bundle of insecurities and hotsex (from the bottom) and while a mere mortal cannot be expected to comprehend the enormities of angels, he doesn't seem to have given the issue a lot of thought, either. Perhaps his charm is tenacity and breakability.

The stakes are huge -- this is a warrior of God, after all, who's been Banished, but I don't know why. Willing to believe this is user error, but… It's kind of important, and I also can't tell what the backstory is with Aeryn, it seems to be important too.

The parts that I enjoyed are the interplay between the angels. Raphael can be peacemaker and arbiter, though at a cost, and Lucifer is sweetly wicked, tweaking Michael at every turn, and seems to have the same view of Laine that I do -- he's a handle to yank the big guy around. Time, probability, and causality are all a bit murky, which seems very fitting for a story mostly not told on the mortal plain -- the villain seems to be operating on several levels.

The ending is truly happy, a triumph of faith, if not necessarily in The Big Guy, but in love. 3 marbles

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  1. Drat, I love angel stories, and I have yet to see one in the m/m genre that I thought was done to its potential.

    Also, I know I owe you an email. I'm getting there, I swear!


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