Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tortoise Interruptus by JL Merrow

Tortoise InterruptusCursed by an impatient witch to turn into a tortoise at inopportune moments, Tip is horrified to find himself tortoise-napped by a customer at the cafe where he works.

Things start to look up when Tip ends up very literally in the capable hands of drop-dead gorgeous Steve -- but Tip soon begins to wonder just how far he can trust Steve, who turns out to have a close connection with his kidnapper. Tip's attempts at a normal life seem doomed to remain frustrated in more ways than one!
Sweet and funny -- the title alone made me giggle, and poor Tip's adventures ping-pong from silly to sillier. Anyone who becomes a tortoise at irregular intervals and for unknown lengths of time is going to burn out his ability to blush -- or wish he could. From musings on the sensation of switching form, which Tip fears makes him look foolish, to the hazards faced by the suddenly six-inch tall, mute, and unable to jump, this story made me laugh out loud every few paragraphs.

Vertical space has a different meaning to the suddenly be-carapaced -- Tip gets shoved into a handbag willy-nilly, faced with the equally awful prospects of changing back with only a coin purse for a possible fig-leaf, or not changing back, to be carried miles from his home, clothing, and only semi-sympathetic family. Fortunately, Tip encounters Steve, with similar reading tastes and a certain empathy for Tip's plight, and perfectly gorgeous to boot.

Long on humor, perfect on romance, this short story is a lovely pick-me-up for a sour mood. If Steve and Tip get further adventures, I want to be first in line. 5 marbles

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  1. Wow! Looks like you really liked it. Going on my "must read" list now!

  2. Hi Cryselle,
    I won the Overlord Award and am passing it on to you. I thought world domination would be something you'd enjoy.

  3. Gee thanks! I better practice my mwahahs and get a bald cat!

    @ Eden -- you'll love this!

  4. This just sounds way too cute and exactly what I need!!! Nice review!!


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