Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Songs by Tracy Rowan

Sam knows that life in Kansas offers no real future. In an act of desperation and faith, she puts everything she owns into her car and goes on the road looking for something better. When she sees Cody hitch-hiking in the middle of nowhere, Sam's better instincts tell her to drive on by, but Cody's tight-fitting jeans win his way into her car, and his silver tongue wins his way into her bed.

The two of them burn up the B&B bed for a night, but in the morning it's clearly over. They go their separate ways only to rediscover each other in Chicago, Sam has found a job and a good friend in Scott who, surprisingly, also knows Cody very, very well. Can the three of them find some way to temper the almost unbearable heat that burns among them, or will they burn each other out?

I’m discovering a taste for ménage, just as long as all three players are interesting. One pair of any variety with a clap and cheer section won't cut it -- This one's solid.

The POV character is Sam, twenty six and with a lot of relationship bad examples in her youth to learn from. She doesn't take anyone's crap, and if she doesn't know exactly what she does want, she damn sure knows what she doesn't want, and if you insist on giving it to her, she's out of there. I like her. I'd hug her except she'd probably punch me one.

And while she's out finding out about the world and working in the restaurant business, she has the great good fortune to meet Cody, and wow do they click, until -- he's not there. And Sam being Sam, she's all "oh well" and off to the next new thing, which is Steve's restaurant in Chicago, and Steve turns out to be the best friend she could ask for.

I did say this was ménage. So there's a goodly chunk of the hot stuff (lucky Sam!) and the inevitable sorting out of a threesome. And it works great, it works unexpected, and if you tell Sam that's not the ending you wanted, she'll just give you the finger.

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  1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. It had been rattling around in my to-be-written pile for so long, it surprised me by showing up one day in full cry!

    Sam's not as tough as she wants people to believe. If you hugged her she'd probably give you the stink eye but she'd end up buying you a beer.*g*

  2. Wow! Although I haven't yet read any menage, you've got me intrigued about Sam.

  3. Not the stink eye! AGHHHH! [g back]

    It was really a nice change to read menage from the girl's POV, and super that she's not some doofus who needs rescuing.


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