Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Picture is Worth...

Here's something a little different -- will this merman inspire someone to do more than admire? If so, your 100-1000 words can post here, with news, covers, and links. Our last pic drew a story from Eden Winters for our reading pleasure.

And if we just want to drool -- will the ocean get a little deeper?


  1. I have a thousand words to matcht this, but don't know how to post them. As a comment?Or some other way?

  2. You do? Oh wow! Email the story to me to get your own post, all the suggestions about what news and pictures to send with it so I can make the post pretty are on the "Thousand word Thursday" link on the upper left with the email addy in it too. Or check the other authors' posts.

    Can't wait to read!


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