Friday, March 18, 2011

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from JM Cartright

Gunther in a Hurry

"Damn it." Gunther barely avoided spilling the boiling water on his fingers as he stirred rapidly. Why he was even drinking instant coffee was beyond him. Normally, he wouldn't touch the stuff. But no, today, Hans had him up at the crack of dawn to get back to the warehouse.

"That lazy bastard. I bet he's still asleep." His boss was a pain, no two ways about it. Gun took a hasty sip and spit it right back out. "Shit!" Too frigging hot.

"Good thing you're standing at the sink, or you'd really be in trouble." The sleepy drawl came from behind him.

Ooops. He grimaced, setting his cup down on the counter. "I'm sorry." Grabbing the sponge, he took a swipe at the coffee splash. "Did I wake you with my grumbling?"

Stefan's warm body eased up behind, crowding close. Mmm, that morning wood was interesting.

"Uh-huh. But you can pay me back tonight, when you get home." Strong arms wrapped around his middle, one hand sliding steadily down. "Remember, this belongs to me." Calloused fingers easily slipped inside his briefs. His cock immediately took an interest.

Gun steadied himself on the countertop, breathing in through his nose. "Yes. Yes, sir."

Moist breath feathered over his ear. "And tonight, we'll work out some of this crankiness, put you through your paces. How does that sound?" The hand caressing his cock moved to cup his balls.

Gun hissed in a breath. "Oh, God. Um, can we... can we use the bench?"

Stefan's soft laughter made heat rush through his belly. "Oh, yes. I think we'll be needing that. You've been a little out of sorts lately with your crazy schedule."

Sighing, Gun relaxed, easing his weight back against Stefan. God, he his man knew what he craved. "Thank you, sir."


Thank you, JM Cartwright, for telling a story for that pic! JM has two books in the ”Change” series out with Torquere already, and a third due in August. A separate project is coming out in May; we’ll have to watch for it. Buy them here.
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  1. That story sure holds promise for their evening. Now if only we could peek at what happens when Gun (love the name!) gets home.

  2. That was a bit of a teaser, wasn't it?

    *cheeky grin*

  3. I'm sure their adventures will be hot!


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