Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook -- I finally did it

Okay, I am full of opinions, or I wouldn't be running this blog, and I've gone out and spread those opinions by joining Facebook. Am I the last one on the planet who hasn't? Maybe.

People have been really sweet about friend requests. I expected they'd go "Cryselle who? Run along, little girl," but no one has yet. So now anything I say here will have a wider audience. I always want to have something intelligent to say about what I read, so if I don't post every day, it's because the quality of my thoughts isn't what I want to show the world.

Fortunately, my lovely authors who respond to the Thousand Word Thursday prompts will help me out.


  1. Just as a data point, no, you're not the last one to join Facebook. I'm not on Facebook and have no plans to be on Facebook. I might well be the last hold-out, but it definitely wasn't you. :)


  2. FB can be fun; it's a bit like being at a big party. There are your friends, and their friends who you might also come to like, or who you might hate(but you can block them)and a gazillion conversations going on all the time. Some are serious, a lot are funny. You can learn things, rant, be silly, promote or just sit back and enjoy. It takes a while to get used to it, but you seem to be doing well so far. Glad you decided to join us over there.

  3. Maybe I'm the second to last. Parties make me kind of dizzy, I always feel like I'm butting into conversations, but hey, I'll just have another margarita and talk! Thanks guys, I feel better now.


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