Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee Kisses by Margaret Leigh

Constable Miranda is checking on a robbery victim at the hospital when she meets a nurse with the prettiest blue eyes. Miranda's on the job, though, so she tells herself not to get involved, but that's before a freak accident lands Miranda herself in the hospital with a concussion. Her hard head saves her from serious injury, but gives her the chance to meet Lorraine again. Will coincidence bloom into something much stronger than friendship?
This short has a complete plot -- a police case opens and closes, not merely existing to provide a way for the protagonists to meet. As an introduction, an accident that would be humorous if it weren't so painful lets Miranda connect with Lorraine and bond with her colleagues, too. The romance had a sweet slow blooming and left me hoping for the couple's future. A comfort read rather than a seat of your chair read -- the police work serves as a reminder that justice can be served. 3 1/2 marbles

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