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A Thousand Word Thursday Story from DH Starr

Josh walked up the steps leading to Kinley’s front door. Back for the holiday break of his freshman year, he couldn’t wait to spend time with his best friend since Kindergarten. The door opened before he even had a chance to ring the bell and Josh was stunned by a wide, beaming grin and dazzling white teeth gleaming in the morning light.

It had only been a few months since he had seen Kinley, but one look and Josh’s cock shifted in his pants. Damn! I never realized how hot he was before. “Shit, K, you been pounding the weights?” Kinley seemed to have increased his body mass by at least twenty-five percent. His shoulders and arms billowed with an extra round of muscle. The front of his T-shirt stretched, his pectoral muscles torturing the thin fabric. Josh caught a glimpse of two round nubs pressing at the center of each plain before his eyes were drawn down the sleek body.

The width of his shoulders contrasted beautifully with the slender cant of his torso, which angled into a trim waist and then bulged back out, two firm bubbles forming his perfect ass and pressing out at the flannel pajama bottoms he wore.

It took all of Josh’s effort to draw his gaze back to Kinley’s face, and when he did, he was struck once again by the crystalline blue eyes gazing back at him. “I’ve worked out a bit. But you look fuckin’ great too. Come on in. It’s freezing out here. This cold wind is gonna cause my dick to shrink.”

Images of how he could help to solve that particular problem flooded Josh’s mind and did nothing to alleviate his own growing problem inside his pants. Once inside, Kinley took his jacket. “I was right. You are much bigger. Your shoulders round into an awesome v-cant down your lats to your waist. Turn around.” Josh obeyed, hoping his bulge wasn’t too obvious. He kept his eyes glued to Kinley’s face. “Yup, just as I thought. You trimmed off that extra few pounds you were carrying by the end of the summer. I bet you’re cut with fuckin’ rubbed abs.”

Unsure how this conversation had taken such an extreme turn towards discussing their physique, Josh tried to shift the conversation in a different direction. “So how’s school. LA must be a hell of a lot different than Boston. Are you having fun?”

Kinley’s smile remained on his face, but his shoulders stiffened slightly and he began shifting from one foot to the other. “Yeah, man, LA’s cool. Always sunny there. But hell, we’re back home and I haven’t seen you in ages. Come up to my room. We can catch up.”

Josh followed him up the stairs and down the hall, a path he had travelled hundreds of times before. Josh had always felt comfortable in K’s home, like it was his own as well, but ever since he had been fourteen and realized his attraction toward his best friend, being alone with K in his bedroom made him nervous, as if Kinley would somehow know what he was thinking, what he wanted.

Once inside Kinley’s room, Josh was faced with those dazzling blue eyes once again. “Man, it’s so good to see you." K gushed. "The whole flight home, all I could think of was that I would see you today.” Josh smiled. He has no idea what those words mean to me. “Dude, you seriously look great. Let’s see those abs. I need to know if I was right.”

Taken aback, Josh simply stared at his friend for a moment. How did we shift back to talking about bodies again? Not knowing what to say or do, he did the only thing that seemed easy and lifted his shirt to reveal his abdomen. “You got me. I’ve been pounding out sit ups and stopped eating pizza every night.” He began to lower his shirt, but something in Kinley’s expression froze him.

K was peering at him, not as a friend, but with something else, something that seemed familiar, yet Josh had never seen that expression in his friend’s face before.

When the realization hit, it hit hard. The look was familiar because it conveyed the same things he had thought for years. It conveyed hunger, a desire to see more, to do more. “Oh, no you don’t. Take your shirt off. Be proud, Josh. Let’s see how you’ve firmed up.”

If only you knew just how firm I am right now. Once again stunned into inaction, Josh did the only thing his body could manage, which was to continue obeying his friend. Lifting his shirt up and over his head, he stood before K, feeling more exposed than he ever had before. He had worn far less than this in front of Kinley, but that look, the way Kinley's mouth curved up in a lopsided grin as his eyes took in Josh’s now exposed upper body, made Josh feel like he was completely on display.

Walking around Josh slowly, Kinley made sounds of approval. An uh huh or mmmm were the only sounds that broke through the heavy silence in the room. When he finally stepped back in front of Josh, his face had become slightly flushed. “You look good.” His voice was low and deep, a hint of ruggedness seemed to escape from deep inside, matching the predatorial expression in his face. “You look damn good.”

Josh opened his mouth to question what the hell was going on, but Kinley closed the distance between them and caught him in a fierce kiss. Shocked with disbelief, his first instinct was to pull back, but K had obviously anticipated this reaction and held him tight. It only took a moment for the initial shock to wear off, and Josh relaxed, allowing his fantasy to come true.

When Kinley pulled out of the kiss, Josh took a few labored breaths. “H-How did you know?”

The smile he had always loved settled into place on Kinley’s face. “Man, how didn’t you know?” He stepped forward and pulled Josh into a headlock, giving him a full-out noogie.

Wrestling to free himself from the strong grip of his friend, Josh couldn’t help but laugh. I guess this is gonna be one hell of a vacation!!!
Thanks, DH, for putting some words to that picture! Find more of this author’s work in

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  1. Awww... I love "best friends become lovers" stories.

  2. It is a sweet story -- I want them to be happy!

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  4. This is bad, now I want you to write more so I can read more!


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