Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thousand Word Thursday Ficlet from PD Singer

When Bricio came into the bedroom, he found Ed stretched out on the bed fully clothed but with bare feet. His toes curled periodically, attracting attention to the movement. From there, Bricio let his gaze travel up the length of denim-clad legs, across the bulge in the jeans, the flat plane of belly, and the broad chest, to his lover's face. Total concentration there -- Ed didn't even look up until Bricio ran a finger across the bottom of Ed's foot, getting him to jump.

"Good book?" He didn't really have to ask -- Ed wasn't much of a reader, but the erection and the intensity he'd fixed on the oversized volume said a lot. Bricio could see the back blurb from the foot of the bed.

"Very good book. C'mere and read it with me." Ed looked up with that hungry look he didn't usually give to words on paper. He stroked the pillow next to him, making Bricio toe off his boots and slide across the comforter. Slipping his arm over Ed's shoulders, he settled in to see what had his man so fascinated.

Yeah, this was Ed's kind of literature, a few lines of text to ignore, a lot of glossy, hot pictures. Pictures of the kind of guys Bricio had never seen just walking down the street or shopping at the corner market. The kind of guy Bricio knew he wasn't. Tall, popping out with muscles, manicured and styled. Probably smarter than he was. Maybe been to college. And they looked so fine, with less clothes on in every picture. He watched Ed's finger travel over a rippling haunch, trace a six pack ab, and turn the page.

"Like that?" The husky words blew against Bricio's cheek.

A nod -- yeah, he'd like the picture fine, if it wasn't Ed showing it to him. Was making him hard, though.

"Wanna do that?"

"What, plant my bare ass on a sharp rock?"

"You could plant your bare ass on a soft blanket, muchacho." Ed turned another page. "Then I could do that." He stroked a picture of two impossibly gorgeous models, one with his cock in the other's mouth, stretched out on a rock that probably wasn't that sharp, and pressed his lips to Bricio's shoulder, not quite licking, not quite kissing. "And after a while, we'd switch to this. Whadaya say?" The opposite page had the models curved around each other, chest to back.

The sideways look Bricio stole showed him Ed's eyes, heavy lidded. "You think? Maybe we should try this?" The "this" he pointed out had the models reversed, in a way that he and Ed didn't usually do, but the idea had him growing harder.

"If you want." Ed took another look, as if he needed to be really sure what to do. "Might not be able to get my leg that far." He lifted his leg 'til the seam of his jeans creaked. "That's the problem with these books -- all show." He yanked his foot higher with a hand on his thigh, before dropping it with a thud.

"We can fake that part," Bricio decided, setting the book to one side and dragging Ed's shirt over his head. Didn't matter about the leg, the pose was for show -- he and Ed could…

"Nothing fake here, Bric." Ed unsnapped his jeans before reaching to Bricio, who lifted his hips to let his partner strip him. "Nothing fake about you and me at all." The jeans hit the floor a scant second before Ed buried his face in Bricio's groin, nuzzling and nipping his way from balls to tip.

No, that was real, very real, and Bricio's last doubt wiped away under Ed's slick tongue. They could read again tomorrow -- page thirty-four might be fun, too.
Thanks to PD Singer for putting words to that story! PD has three novels and a ton of short stories out, and is looking forward to GayRomLit in New Orleans come October. *plans to hide in Pam's suitcase* She's working away on a couple of WIPs, and should have news for us soon! See what she's up to on her site.


  1. I love men who know what to do with a good book.

  2. Very yummy. :) I wouldn't mind seeing more about these two. To say nothing of the book. [cough]


  3. "Wanna do that?"

    "What, plant my bare ass on a sharp rock?"

    *grin* Even in the midst of lusty innuendo, you manage to give me a good chuckle.

    I think I need a copy of that book.

    Nice one, Pam.

  4. I've been back to re-read this and realised I didn't leave a "thank you". How rude :). I loved it! A lovely light, sexy tone, and the characters beautifully created even in such a few words.

  5. Thank you, everyone! This was a fun story to write. Keep an eye out for future pics; you all might be inspired, too!


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