Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Against the Window by Jamie Lowe

Ghaith is so excited when Noah surprises him with a weekend away at Noah’s country house. He doesn't expect the heavy rain, but Ghaith isn’t going to let a little storm ruin the first night of his first weekend away with his lover. And that wall of windows just looks too tempting to pass up…


Thirty one hundred words is not a lot of space to get characterization, plot, and sex all squeezed in, but it can be done. Better yet, take another couple thousand words and don't skimp.

This story is just long enough to offer an 'opposites attract and then screw each other silly' story; Ghaith is the poor foundation worker slob to Noah's wealthy businessman with housekeepers, and the only reason they get together is through the meddling of friends, something we are told but not shown.

I was a bit concerned that Ghaith had wandered in from an SF story; turns out that's an Arabic name (I googled) but we don't have any clues from the text for his ethnicity or motivations, nor any particular information about Noah, aside from his wealth, interest in Ghaith, and a small streak of romanticisism. The two spend most of their page time having lukewarm sex against a window, and Cryssy Crankypants is wishing for some plot. 1.5 marbles

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