Monday, January 31, 2011

Prey Time by Sue Brown

Two men are checking Jeff out before he even enters the club. They're a real pretty picture, Blue Eyes with his back pressed against Green Eyes' chest as they watch him get a drink. He waits to see what they do. If they want him, he'll play, but first they have to ask nicely. Jeff is the top, the one in control. Except Jeff soon finds out he isn't. The little man with the snapping blue eyes is definitely the puppet master here.


Third person present tense brings us readers along on a a hunt -- Jeff is looking for a night of hot sex, and the two dancers are hunting him equally hard. The power dynamics of a threesome waver all over -- who's in charge is the name of this game, and in the heat of the encounter - and damn is it hot - one of the dancers vry smoothly takes over running this show.

There's a nice twist at the end of sweaty, raw sex, and when one of the men says what's bubbling through my mind, I could only think I've been played just as hard as Jeff has, and I like it just as much. Which is a lot. The story is 95% PWP, really, but very fine PWP, and that 5% of back-loaded plot puts it on my re-read shelf.

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