Friday, November 5, 2010

Torquere Charity Sip Blitz Review Set #5

I've been reading down this monster file of 28 stories, and here's the next batch. Some of my favorite authors are still to come, but I've read and enjoyed other things by AR Moler. I've only read one story by Syd McGinley, which I think is this same universe, and Sean Michael is new to me. Okay, I know Sean is a big name, but you have to start reading somewhere.

Little Fishes by Syd McGinley

Dr. Katashi Tanaka may be in hot water when he takes his boy, Tommy, to meet his family. His little sister, Mariko, is irrepressible and sure to gossip with Tommy, and his mother may be the only person alive who can oblige Dr. Tanaka to do anything. Tommy learns some secrets about his stern owner that may ruin not just their spa getaway but their whole relationship.

Frankly, I find most BDSM disturbing, so I’m not the best person to rate such a story. This story had some really great elements, though, so I kind of held my breath and kept going. I loved the caring dynamic between Tommy and Dr. Tanaka enough to read past certain descriptions really fast and mentally bleep out things about ownership. And that last line of the story and everything it implied made the effort worthwhile.

Homecoming: A Jarheads Short by Sean Michael

Rig's been away from home for three weeks, doing volunteer work in hurricane ravaged areas. He gets off the plane at LAX late at night and all he wants is to find the car rental desk so he can get home to his Marines. Lucky for him, Rock and Dick surprise him at the airport and whisk him away to welcome him home as only they can.
Plot - a little. I like plot -- it's the point of a story. Sex - a lot. I like sex, too; it should advance the plot. That's different from being the plot.  Pet names and cusswords - a lot. I can do without both, and that would drop the word count about 15% in this story.  Everything that's action-y plot stuff gets told to the other two guys after the fact. If you're in the mood for PWP, this might work.

My Life in Your Hands By AR Moler

Dr. Chris Kearney works in a San Diego hospital that receives some of the worst victims of gang violence. The talented sensitive doctor is slowly losing his ability to cope with the stress of the job, his loneliness only compounds the problem. When Chris meets Drew Hayden, a SDPD detective working on the gang task force, there is a spark of interest between the two.

A chance meeting in a grocery leads to an evening of hot sex. The two men acknowledge their interest could be more than just a one night thing and begin to pursue a relationship, but unforeseen stresses and risks complicate their lives. Can a cop and doctor hold onto what they have?

Dr. Chris Kearney's been twanging like new-stretched barb wire, and his budding relationship with Detective Drew Hayden is all that's kept him from losing it completely -- so what happens next isn't exactly a big shocker. However, just because the story was more a matter of "how are they going to cope" than "what will they have to cope with," it was still very well done.

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