Saturday, November 6, 2010

Losing my marbles by the numbers

So how does this Cryselle chick decide how many marbles to lose?

Here's what I'm working from. The lowest ranks are around mostly because teenager who photoshopped my marbles did a whole suite, not because I expect to use them. ACKs will probably be DNF and you're unlikely to hear about it. I am drawn to trainwrecks, though, so it could happen.

A three marble review isn't a bad review. It's "I liked it." May not have gotten excited about it, but there was something to like there, and I did. Fives rock my socks all the way off.  Editing is not what I'm looking at most, but a lot of goobers may cost half a marble, because it detracts from the reading experience. I have the world's fussiest beta and it's rubbing off.
WOW Photobucket
Loved this Photobucket
Really liked this Photobucket
Liked this a lotPhotobucket
Liked this Photobucket
Okay, but... Photobucket
Meh Photobucket
Didn't work for me Photobucket
Really didn't work for me Photobucket
Ack Photobucket

The online behavior of authors will influence a review, but mostly because they won't get reviewed. I won't knowingly spend money on someone who flips out on the readers. If my baser instincts get loose I might laugh and point, though.

Crossposting to Goodreads is a problem, because it's whole numbers only over there. Rounding up or down is going to have to be a judgment call, and if the number isn't round over here, I'll note it there.

This is all still evolving for me -- changes will get announced.

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