Saturday, October 16, 2010

Torquere Charity Sip Blitz Collection Review #1

The Torquere authors have agreed to donate their proceeds from these medical themed stories to Doctors Without Borders, matched by the publisher, so I can have some smuts and help others at the same time - sweet!
First off, I wish that this file had anchors in it, those helpful internal linkies that let you get to story # whatever and then (also important) Back To Top. Yeah, I can navigate without in a big PDF file with some effort, but why should I have to? Maybe it messes the other formats? I dunno, let's run it through Calibre and find out.
I have the collection of twenty-eight stories, so it's probably going to take a bit to get to them all. Lots of familiar faces and a bunch of authors I haven't read yet, and a couple of first publications, and a theme big enough to get your teeth into, and there should be all kinds of adventures in here. I'm reading in order (see grumbles about navigating, might as well make it easy on myself).

Live by the Sword -- Lee Benoit
Cute - first story I've read with the dragon-dogs, although they were bit players here. A more serious subplot with a twelve-year-old named Bug, which kind of says a lot about his homelife, resolved off-screen but well, and the vet and the blinded researcher were hot together, although I'm still having trouble believing in one particular aspect of the sex. In order to see the real dragon-dog action, I'll need to read the others.

Of Sound Mind -- Elizabeth Brooks

This is could be a really good story, but the author hit one of my major stomach-turning themes. Say "soul-mate" and I don't care WHAT goes with it, I'm gone. Sorry, Elizabeth, I can't say anything intelligent here. Next time, okay? DNF

How Did I Lose My Passport – and Find My Love -- JM Cartwright

Not instalove, if you allow for a slow windup from a distance, but definitely insta-relationship, and given the elements of rescue going on, almost edging into dub-con, and with the repetitive use of an endearment that started to come across as rather creepy, almost like a Dom who hadn't done proper negotiations with the sub, just -- took over. I understand this was the author's first story, so I'll look at the next one, but if I'm paying money, I don't want it to feel like fan fiction. Chapters for 7000 words of continuous action are unnecessary, and more editorial guidance will probably smooth out such blips.

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