Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Torquere Charity Sip Blitz Review Set #2

Reading my way through 28 short stories written to benefit Doctors Without Borders -- here's the second installment of reviews.

Conwy is a new to me writer, and this story is a favorable first impression. A sweet and gentle coming to terms with horrors and difficult emotions, Colin and Jamie find their way back to one another, halfway around the world from where they started. The timeline felt strangely flexible and the public display of affection after the warning that such things weren't a great idea did make me think hmmm, but a good read.
Winston Quirk -- Martin Delacroix
This story has a feel of memoir, of a man easy in his sexuality but less comfortable with his lingering notions about race. How it fit the theme besides incidents of first aid, I'm not sure; all the real healing seems to be done in Dane, the narrator's, mind. But I'm glad to have read it

Sweet story showing the difficulties doctors face trying to build relationships and balance them with training. The sex scene was particularly hot, with that just-want-you-too-bad feeling and a little bit of improvising. The kitten, amazingly enough, did not steal all the scenes. Another new-to-me writer.
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