Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tasim's Tale -- Stephanie Vaughan

Tasim's Tale

Captured by the Kundari, a neighboring kingdom, Tasim is a stranger in a strange land. When he is made part of the entertainment at a lusty reward ceremony for the king's soldiers, Tasim has one hope for survival: make Dorian, the rugged captain of the regiment, his protector. A single encounter will shock them both -- but first they must survive the night.
The story, told from Tasim's point of view, tells what happens to the captives after a border skirmish. One would expect fear, confusion, and a sense of outrage after a handler inserts a very large butt plug, but Tasim takes this all far more calmly than the situation warrants. He's more concerned that he's getting hard while bathing with three other men during preparations. The butt plug isn't exactly a spoiler; the scene is excerpted on the publisher's web site.

All in all, Tasim is busy trying to make himself agreeable and what would rationally be a dub-con scenario feels much more like "Oh, okay." There's a lot of sex, and Tasim is fully compliant and even having a good time, in situations where a lot more upset seems called for. The lancers' distress is actually more palpable, and they are minor characters. The tension and thrills that the blurb promise might be very clear in the author's head, but I'm just not feeling it.

There is a sequel to this due out soon, and the excerpt available sounds good, so I do plan to read it.

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