Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful C*cksucker II What a Good Boy

For too many years, career obligations and cultural expectations cost Mikisaburo Nabeshima the possibility of love.

Now older, wiser, and infinitely more alone, personal business takes Miki back to New York where another chance encounter with another handsome policeman rouses suppressed desires.

David Kirkland is a brash young cop who grew up on New York’s meanest streets. When the man he believes killed his foster mother is set free, Dave vows revenge. If he needs to leave the country and go undercover with a sexy but infuriating older man then so be it, though he never expected the business arrangement to turn personal.

As Dave confronts a deep-seated need he’s never fully acknowledged, the killer they're after proves more deadly than they anticipate.

A few too many headdesk moments to really enjoy this. Why does an administrative level Japanese policeman on holiday, out of uniform, and WAY out of jurisdiction, not to mention in a time and location where you have to pass through a metal detector, have handcuffs with him? Why does a woman get killed in a way highly specific to the role of the other victims of this method when she has absolutely no connection to the reasons for the others, except to draw the other protag into the story? Why is it a good idea to rely on the judgment of someone who's getting extreme mindgames played with him? Why is all of a sudden it's a good idea to make what has been a big and career-breaking secret part of the investigation on home turf? When the Churchlady invades a story saying, "because it's conveeeeeenient!" it kind of spoils the read.

The sex was hot and plentiful, but plot is not the dull stuff between sex scenes.

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Rated 2 of 5 on Goodreads

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