Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just read a vampire novel, m/m which I had mixed feelings about. "The Vampire Fred" by Vaughn Demont. Now, that's a title to cheer; it sets up expectations and tells you there's going to be something...offbeat about it. Kewl.

I LOVED the first half of the story, all how did Fred (FRED! HAHAHAHAHA) become a vampire and WTF is going on here anyway? In a good way. Sexycutefunny and offbeat. I still don't know why Daniel was comatose for 85 years, but okay...

And then... eveyone is inhabiting everyone's head and jumpjumpjump POVs and WTF is going on here in a not so good way. Darn. It probably made sense to the author but if I have to read the same scene three times to figure out WTF is going on and decide that I don't care enough to do it a fourth time and really understand it, then...

No wonder the last 12 pages had to wait a week to get read.

It's not a review like a review site. I'm a reader and don't claim to be anything else. But this wasn't as much fun at the end as the beginning promised.

More here, including buy link. If I'm gonna review, I ought do it like the big kids, huh. Well, next time, maybe.

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