Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thinking about book reviews

I guess this blog really lost its focus once I finished Were Here. That story was a lot of fun, and the sequel is sort of in progress, although I’m not inspired to work on it all that much. I’d rather read.

My buddy, ‘ol PD Singer, (don’t tell her I called her that, or she’ll remind me that age and treachery defeat youth and enthusiasm) has gotten me reading m/m romances, a habit she picked up from Eden Winters. Fanfiction has a lot of slash, so these m/m stories are not a big surprise. Some of them are really good! And some are not so good. Even the not so good ones are better than the fan fiction, usually, and the sex doesn’t read like it’s been written by virgins who drank too much cough syrup.

Sometimes it would be nice to get more opinions about what the book will be like before I buy it, and there are some review sites out there that seem to know what they’re talking about. Others just confuse me, when they give a low rating and then get all glowy about it in the text. Goodreads is helpful sometimes, and sometimes I’m not sure we read the same book. I know, it’s readers’ opinions, I’ve left a few, but still…

I’ve been trying to think of things that would be helpful to include in a review. Books are subjective experiences, but there ought to be some kind of objective things that would help. Desert Island Keepers ratings tell you that someone fell in love with the story, sometimes in spite of flaws, that’s kind of nice to know, but I disagree with them sometimes. If someone can come up with a system for rating wine, you know, 91, nice nose, good finish with a hint of black currant, that sort of thing, maybe someone actually has an informative system for rating books.

And if they suggest the book would go well with a Pinot Noir but not a Chardonnay, so much the better.

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