Thursday, March 25, 2010

More reviews ponderings

There's another site for m/m romance reviews that I see from time to time. No ratings, but she does identify the people that she thinks will like this. Sometimes it's 'fans of the author' which is a kiss of death, or 'readers who appreciate *some genre*' which is a lot more inclusive. Or something in between. Sometimes she gets wildly enthusiastic, and that is so rare as to merit staring. She ships a lot more dislike.

There's a tag line to link to the read-more, and that tag line pretty much sums up her reaction, and quite a lot of the time, it's rather cutting. I've seen her review books dispassionately, and it seems to be objective, and other times, she has an awful lot of fun at the author's expense. Possibly it's legitimate criticism, but it sure looks like she's having a good time snarking.

Not sure that's a good way to review.

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