Friday, March 19, 2010

More ramblings about reviews

Some reviewers don't use any ratings. When I read one of Elisa Rolle's reviews, for example, I have to read between the lines, because I don't think she's ever come right out and said, "I don't like this." On the other hand, with close to a thousand books in her TBR pile, at least according to her
Goodreads list, if she hated it, the next one, possibly a better one, is to hand.

With a non rating reviewer, there is information about what is in there, more than 'what worked for her.' Content, rather than reaction to content, is the takeaway message, though Elisa, at least, is remarkably good about not doing spoil-y spoilers. She ponders the motivations of the characters, the author, and how that plays out, without actually discussing actions that would disturb the reading experience.

That's an art form right there.

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